Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer
The Lab 001

Using capillary whole blood, The Lab 001 performs rapid measurement in just 90 seconds.

ARKRAY's innovative measurement principle enhances the speed of the analyzer.

By introducing capillary electrophoresis measurement principle with micro-chip technology we could reduce the speed to just 90 sec. With The Lab 001 we present excellent performance in a compact design.

High usability

Measurement is possible just by applying whole blood on a disposable reagent cartridge and inserting it into the analyzer. Elimination of waste liquid and calibration saves time in daily operation. Fingertip whole blood can be used for measurement, which reduces the burden on patients.


Required sample volume is only 1.5μL.


Reagent cartridge can be stored at room temperature.

The small test cartridge allows high separation, equivalent to large analyzers, by using capillary electrophoresis method.

High separation capability is available in this compact design, providing accurate HbA1c results by separating factors/segments impacting HbA1c values (HbF and other variant Hbs). Separate peak information output in the test result can be utilized as one of the tools for understanding patient condition.


Samples Capillary whole blood, venous whole blood
Measurement items HbA1c (stable HbA1c)
(Peak information of HbF, L-A1c, HbA0, HbE, HbD, HbS and HbC can be output as a reference information)
Measurement principle Capillary electrophoresis
Measurement range HbA1c(IFCC):20.2~151.4mmol/mol HbA1c(NGSP):4.0%~16.0%
Processing speed Approx. 90 sec/sample
Required sample volume Approx. 1.5μL
Dimensions 220 (W) x 326 (D) x 298 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 10 kg

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The Lab 001