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Apr 03, 2017

Enhancing the Servicing Support System in China

- Transfer and expansion of Pinghu factory alongside establishment of new testing devices repair center -

ARKRAY, Inc. shall, in addition to transferring and expanding the Pinghu factory in China, ARKRAY Factory Pinghu, Inc. (Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China), establish the first repair center in China. With the development of infrastructure in the Chinese medical environment advancing following economic growth, we shall expand our production capabilities, strengthen the servicing support system and facilitate business expansion starting with diabetes testing instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents.

ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter, 'ARKRAY') conducts production of diabetes testing instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents at ARKRAY Factory Pinghu, Inc. mainly for the Chinese domestic market. In the rapidly growing Chinese market for medical products, we aim to strengthen our system for stable supply and improve production capabilities in light of further expected demand for products. Having secured a new factory building (4-story) with a site area 4 times larger than the current factory, also located in the Pinghu Economic-Technological Development Zone, we are proceeding with gradual preparations and aim to conduct the first stage of transfer in January 2018.

Furthermore, in order to provide customers in the Chinese market with total servicing support of even better quality, prior to the production floor we established a repair center on the first floor of the factory building and conducted an opening ceremony on 1 April.

Apart from functioning as a site to conduct repairs on instruments which are difficult to remedy at the medical institution, the repair center will serve as a multi-purpose servicing site such as conducting training sessions for service engineers at ARKRAY and our distributors. Moving forward, we shall improve the penetration of the ARKRAY brand in the Chinese market and expand business through strengthened efforts for instrument maintenance and provision of better quality total servicing support with the repair center. In the near future we also expect to introduce the servicing of non-ARKRAY products, which is currently conducted in Japan.

ARKRAY shall continue to enhance production capabilities on a global level and strive toward service improvements.

Overview of ARKRAY Factory Pinghu, Inc.

Company name ARKRAY Factory Pinghu, Inc.
Address Building 8 No. 988, Xinxing No. 2 Road of PETDZ (site of new factory)
(Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, CHINA)
tel: +86-573-8563-7578  fax: +86-573-8563-7667
Operations commencement April 2017 (repair center), January 2018 (production floor)
Scale Approx. 8,400 m²
Business description Development, manufacture and repair of clinical testing devices & in vitro diagnostics (reagents), maintenance and customer services.