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Jul 27, 2015

Fans 'co-star' with Mr. Iwata by submitting portrait photos
Completion of Web Commercial starring Mr. Iwata of the Hanshin Tigers

The production of a new web commercial has been completed as part of the support project for diabetic patients, IWATA PROJECT 21, which is run by ARKRAY, Inc. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Nakagyo-ward), a manufacturer of clinical test devices and in vitro diagnostic reagents, and Mr Iwata of the Hanshin Tigers. The commercial shall be accessible from today at the official website for IWATA PROJECT 21. As part of this project, which is based on the concept of 'participation by photos!,' all those who provided their photos were able to 'co-star' with Mr. Iwata by having their photos featured in the commercial.

iwata_cm.jpg Scenes from the web commercial

Mr. Iwata, a successful baseball player who has type 1 diabetes, launched IWATA PROJECT 21 in May 2011 together with ARKRAY, employing Mr. Iwata's message "Never give up on your dream" as the project slogan. The project provides support for social exchange between Mr. Iwata and diabetes patients, including their friends and family.

As part of IWATA PROJECT 21, we carried out an event based on the concept 'participation by photos!,' in which portrait photos of Mr. Iwata's fans were collected and used for the production of a web commercial to promote the project. Production of this commercial featuring fans co-starring with Mr. Iwata has now been completed.

The commercial has been uploaded onto the official website for IWATA PROJECT 21 and Facebook page as of today, June 27, 2015. Additionally, we will also send out DVDs containing the commercial and a message by Mr. Iwata to venues of the 'Children's Diabetes Summer Camp'* that will take place throughout Japan during July and August

Through IWATA PROJECT 21, ARKRAY will continue to support Mr. Iwata and all patients of diabetes.

*Children's Diabetes Summer Camp
This is a summer camp which is attended by children who have type 1 diabetes. By participating in this summer camp the children are able to gain valuable experiences such as acquiring knowledge and skills required for carrying out glycemic control independently and having the chance to make new friends. The summer camp is held in 47 locations across Japan and has more than 5,000 participants every year, comprising of approximately 1,000 children and more than 4,000 staff members. Having launched in 1963 in Japan, the summer camp now has a history of more than 50 years.

IWATA PROJECT 21 'Participation by Photos!' Web Commercial - Outline

Portrait photos of Mr. Iwata's fans were collected and used in the production of a web commercial to promote IWATA PROJECT 21.

- Submission of photos (Submissions period: March 25 - May 31, 2015)
Submissions made through the project's official website and Facebook page.

- Completion and Announcement of Web Commercial
Commercial uploaded onto the official website and Facebook page (July 27, 2015)
IWATA PROJECT 21 Official Website (Support website for Mr. Iwata)
IWATA PROJECT 21 Facebook Page
*The Official Website and Facebook page listed above are in Japanese only.

DVDs containing the commercial and a message by Mr. Iwata will be distributed at the Children's Diabetes Summer Camp, to be held throughout Japan. (July - August, 2015)