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Jan 16, 2014

Strengthening ARKRAY’s manufacturing base for the Chinese
and global marketplaces

Start of operations at a new factory in China

ARKRAY, Inc. has established ARKRAY Factory Pinghu, Inc., its 8th manufacturing site in the People’s Republic of China in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, for which an opening ceremony was held today.This will strengthen the manufacturing capacity for Chinese-bound product and add to the stable supply of product in global markets.

Background to the establishment of the new factory

ARKRAY, Inc (herein ARKRAY) has established a new factory in the People’s Republic of China (herein China) in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, called ARKRAY Factory Pinghu, Inc. for which an opening ceremony was held today. From the end of January 2014, this new factory will be mainly engaged in the manufacturing and shipment of test instruments and reagents for use in the diabetes field.

At present, ARKRAY has manufacturing facilities in China (Shanghai), USA (Minnesota), UK, the Philippines and Russia with ARKRAY Factory (in Shiga, Japan) as the mother facility (spanning a total of 6 countries) and sells product to over 80 countries worldwide.
ARKRAY Factory Pinghu, Inc. follows ARKRAY Factory Shanghai, Inc. (established in 2002) as the second ARKRAY manufacturing facilities in China.

The Chinese market for in vitro diagnostics is increasing together with increases in population, an ageing society and the prevalence of lifestyle-related disease. ARKRAY fully expects demand for medical instruments and reagents to increase within this market.
ARKRAY began sale of diabetes test instruments and accompanying reagent product in China back in 2003. This new factory is to strengthen the manufacture and supply network and to meet the needs of the Chinese market more swiftly. The establishment of multiple manufacturing sites also serves to reduce the risk from natural disasters and to ensure the stable supply of product.

ARKRAY aims to reinforce its manufacturing capacity, establish an efficient manufacturing system, strengthen the services it offers its customers so as to deliver products that match with the needs of the market and other trends all over the globe.

Overview of the new factory

Company name ARKRAY Factory Pinghu, Inc.
Address 2F/L, Building 5 No. 988, Xinxing No.2 Road of PETDZ, Zhejiang 314200, CHINA
Tel: +86-573-8563-7578 fax: +86-573-8563-7667
Estimated start of shipments 27 January 2014
Area Approx. 2,300m2
Nature of business Development and manufacture of clinical test instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents