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May 28, 2013

Strengthening local sales with a focus on BGM
Operation of New Factory in Russia

ARKRAY, Inc (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Nakagyo Ward) will begin operations of a new factory in the City of Dubna near Moscow. This factory is the ARKRAY group’s 7th and is called ARKRAY Ltd. Local production of product for the Russian market will enable the swift and stable supply of in vitro diagnostic product as well as strengthening our sales network.


ARKRAY, Inc. (herein ’ARKRAY’) will establish a new factory (ARKRAY Ltd.) in Dubna City near Moscow in the Russian Federation and will start production of meters and sensors for the self-monitoring of blood glucose (BGM) prior to shipment into the Russian market.

The Russian in vitro diagnostic market is expanding due to the ageing of society and an increase in lifestyle diseases. In 2012, the Russian diabetic population numbered 12.69 million (the fifth largest in the world) and is expected to reach 14.11 million by 2030*. As a result, ARKRAY is looking to increase supply of medical devices, starting with BGM, into the Russian market and to accelerate global expansion in this, an important and growing market.

ARKRAY has production facilities in 5 countries: Japan (Shiga, the mother factory), China (Shanghai), the U.S. (Minnesota), UK and the Philippines and distributes products in over 80 countries.
The start of operations in the new Russian factory will allow for the production and supply of product for the Russian market and will enable us to meet customer needs faster.
ARKRAY looks to build on its production base and strengthen its customer service so we can match our products with market needs and trends in each country and to speed up our product supply.

*) Source: International Diabetes Federation

Profile of the new factory

Company name
Address 4, Programmistov St., Dubna, Moscow Region 141983, RUSSIA
tel: +7-499-703-34-92 fax: +7-496-219-10-14
Shipment start 27 June 2013
Total area Approx 572m2
Business type Development and production of self-monitoring blood glucose meters and sensors