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Mar 14, 2012

Even better usability, in a compact body
Release of a multi-purpose auto cell counter

ARKRAY, Inc. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kamigyo Ward), a manufacturer of clinical testing devices and in vitro diagnostic reagents will launch a new automatic blood cell counter, the SPOTCHEM™ CL SB-1440, on 20 March targeted at clinics and emergency testing rooms. The device has a cap piercing function allowing you leave the sample tube caps on for measurement, which is combined with a new full color LCD touch panel for reduced infection risk to the operator and ease-of-use.

By measuring the shape and increase/ decrease of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets as part of standard blood testing, a range of disease states such as anemia, inflammation, infection and leukaemia can be detected in addition to providing an evaluation of the patients blood’s ability to coagulate. These are tests routinely included in health check ups and full physical exams and vital for understanding the health status of the patient. Recently they have started to be performed in clinics as rapid tests, so there is high demand for a compact and ease of use device.

The SPOTCHEM™ CL SB-1440 is a compact and automatic blood cell counter that achieves both multi-functionality and this ease of use. The device has a cap piercing function allowing you leave the sample tube caps on for measurement, which is combined with a new full color LCD touch panel for reduced infection risk and ease-of-use. Now you can run a total of 18 items including a 3-part differential of white blood cells allowing you to support there-and-then blood testing in the clinic or ER.

ARKRAY continues to build a full line-up of products to address the needs of the medical field.

Main Features

●Closed mode measurement with cap piercing
2 modes to choose from: Closed mode allows you to measure with the blood tube cap still in place while the open mode allows you measure whatever the container shape is.

●Full color LCD with touch panel
Easy-to-read display of all data values on a single screen Improved operability

●18 item measurement in just 60 seconds
18 item measurement, including 3 part differential for white blood cells (Open Mode)

●Maintenance free
Electric blockage removal and automatic cleaning reducing the hassle associated with maintenance

●Measurement with small sample volumes
Measurement possible even with small blood volumes of 10µL allowing the sometimes difficult testing of children and neonates.


Product overview

1. Name

Automatic Blood Cell Counter  SPOTCHEM™ CL  SB-1440

2. Release date

20 March 2012 (Tuesday)

3. Specifications


  Sample type

Whole blood

  Measurement items

MCH, MCHC, RDW, PLT, PCT, MPV, PDW (total of 18 items)

  Measurement principle

Blood cell number: Electric resistance detection method
Hemoglobin: Color comparison method
Hematocrit: calculated from RBC histogram
White blood cell classification: calculated from WBC histogram

  Processing speed

Open mode: 60 seconds or less per sample
Closed mode: 90 seconds or less per sample

  Minimum sample volume

Measurement mode: 30µL
Pre-dilution mode: 10 or 20µL (selectable)
Capillary mode: 10µL


5.7 type backlit color LCD
240x320dot with touch keys

  Data memory

Measurement data for 400 samples & histograms for 50 samples

  External output

RS-232C compliant

  environment conditions

Temp: 15-30C; humidity: 30-85%RH (no condensation)

  Power supply

AC100V 50/60Hz

  Outer dimensions

230mm (Width) × 450mm (Depth) ×383mm (Height)


Approx. 18kg

This product will go on sale through ARKRAY Marketing, Inc.
ARKRAY Marketing, Inc. is responsible for ARKRAY sales within the Japanese market.

*Original manufacturer of this product: Nihon Kohden Corporation