Urine Sediment Analyzer

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Measurement objects Urine
Measurement items Automatically classified items:
Red blood cells (RBC),
white blood cells (WBC),
white blood cell clumps (WBCC),
squamous epithelial cells (SQEC),
non-squamous epithelial cells (NSE),
hyaline casts (HYAL),
unclassified casts (NHC),
bacteria (BACT),
crystal (CRYS), yeast (YST),
mucous (MUCS) and sperm (SPRM)
Required sample volume Minimum 2 mL
Measurement principle Flow cell digital imaging
Dimensions 530 (W) × 600 (D) × 650 (H) mm (including the sampler)
Weight 57kg (including the sampler)

  • Intuitive operation enabled by easy-to-see operational screen
  • Useful Atlas image* as a standard function
  • Achieved the smallest footprint in our history

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Urine Sediment Analyzer AUTION EYE AI-4510